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Long Beach Dog TRainer

About Me

Meet the trainer- Cinthia Tinoco

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Cinthia and I've been training dogs for 7 years. I got my first dog when I was 18 and quickly realized I was in over my head! Layla was a back yard bred German Shepherd Husky mix. As she became older she became very dog and people aggressive and I quickly realized I couldn't help her without the support of a professional trainer. We learned, we trained, we stayed consistent, and quickly were able to manage her issues. This sparked a love for dog training and started me down a path that I am passionate about. Because of Layla I had the opportunity to do an apprenticeship under two amazing trainers. With their help, I gained the skills to properly communicate with a dog, understanding their body language, and helping people learn their dog's tendencies and why they do certain things.

During my apprenticeship, I took on my current dog - Nacho. Nacho is a Belgian Malinois who also has his quirks. He's not too fond of people but loves other dogs, especially the littles. Nacho quickly became my travel and my headache but most importantly my demo dog.

As I progressed in the apprenticeship, I started taking in board and trains which led to doing private lessons and having to teach clients. There's something so fulfilling about watching a client be so excited and amazed at the things their dogs can do. I progressed to taking on beginner and advanced group classes.

After completing my apprenticeship, I felt like it was time to put my experience to good use and start Do Good Dog Training!

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Every dog owner has a motive and goals when seeking out a dog trainer. 

Whether you've got a new puppy and want to start off on the right foot or you've got a dog who's dealing with some behavioral issues - we're here to help. Crate training, behavior modification, socialization, and leash walking are some of the most common behaviors we address.

Our training is not a one size fits all because every dog is different and ever owner is different. We start off with an in home evaluation to meet you & your dog so we can see what is going on and so we can create a training plan that will be effective. We are currently offering private lessons and Board n' Trains.

private Lessons

1 on 1 in home sessions. 
Private lessons are great for someone who is very committed to their dog and has the time/patience to work with them on a daily basis. these are also great for someone who wants to go through the learning process with their dog.

Board N' Train

Most popular program catered to fit the dog's needs and client's realistic expectations.
Over the course of a few weeks, your dog boards with us so we can build a well mannered, well trained dog. Let's Be real, not everyone has the patience to go through the learning process with their dog so during this program - we do all the teaching as well as making things very clear for the dog, staying consistent, and we are able to work them through situations they are struggling with. After the Board n' Train, We including private lessons to teach you how to continue to reinforce the training.

Nacho & Friends

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